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this sucks

2010-12-23 14:50:49 by RabelRouser1776

i learned i cant submit the audio tracks i composed because of a licensing issue with the companies software i used... dosent make since to me but now i cant ever submit audio on here unless i get a new account. i guess ill keep to the art and submit more when i get some projects going.

Just now submitting my first audio submissions to the portal, exiting finally getting to contribute to sucha massive known site. I just compose stuff in my free time which unfortunately i have too much of lately but things are picking up for me i just have to move my a$$ to get things going.
when they get reveiwed lemme know what you all think if any ones even reading this that is... :p

Just signed up, i have been using new grounds and playing the games here for a long time now... I thought hey i should sign up. I would like to eventually get involved in the art section and start doing some artwork again i haven't for some time so i am rusty, but i will do my best when ever i get around to it. Any way glad to be here, i hope to meet new people make some friends etc, etc.